Brand Identity

A watch is the last accessory that a person chooses and wears, and our foundation is that a watch must have a very basic and classic design and mood. We wanted to create a product that doesn’t feel awkward in any circumstances, good for gifts to those that we cherish, and a product that we might feel pride. It might not be the top-class quality, but HARRIOT put great efforts in designing a good-quality product that does not harm the skin, without minor defects, and a product that can be worn lightly for a long period of time.

We Promise

Harriot watches always honestly introduce products. To propose a reasonable price to eliminate the bubble of the price. Not only sales aim to provide perfect after-sales service.

Harriot's Logo

HARRIOT wishes to include the Korean touch in the product. However, the traditional beauty of Korea that anyone can think of was excluded, but modern touch was added. Among them, one of the modern architectures and the valuable historical landmark of ‘Historic Site No. 32’, Dongnimmun Gate has inspired in the birth of HARRIOT logo.

KOREAN Watch Brand

Did you know that Korea was once one of world’s top 3 leading countries in manufacturing watches? To reenact the glories of the 1970’s, we wished to borrow the masteries of the experts. The know-how and long experience of few master artisans of watches in Korea are combining their efforts to create a true Korean watch that can be proudly presented into the global market.

"Why do we need to manufacture in Korea when we can manufacture in a much lower price in the Chinese factories?"

 "I’m not sure whether Korea can manufacture much better watches than China, but since it’s a Korean watch brand, wouldn’t it be better to manufacture in Korea?"

"I think that our national character is reflected in the products that we manufacture. It’s simply not because we are better in quality, but I think that the mind-set, thinking and national character of Koreans are what makes it better. As I saw close in hand on the manufacture in Korea, it is more reliable, and of course, the technology must also be top-class." 

-CEO, Jacob Sungcho Hong