Our Story


We asked ourselves, why do we spend such an incredible amount of money to buy a luxury wrist watch? Avoid the traditional watch industry distribution, big money isn’t necessary needed! Harriot is proud to presents classic well-made an affordable watch for our friends and families. All Harriot make and deliver directly to you. We offer you promising quality fashion watch for an affordable price 

Made in Korea

Did you know that Korea was once one of world’s top 3 leading countries in manufacturing watches? 

To reenact the glories of the 1970’s, we wished to borrow the masteries of the experts. 

 The know-how and long experience of few master artisans of watches in Korea are combining their efforts to create a true Korean watch that can be proudly presented into the global market. 


Inspiration SEOUL #003. IN CITY

Inspiration SEOUL #003. IN CITY

Inspiration SEOUL #002. DONGNIMMUN

Inspiration SEOUL #002. DONGNIMMUN

Inspiration SEOUL #001. HAN RIVER

Inspiration SEOUL #001. HAN RIVER

Elegant and luxurious watches compared to any high-ended watch in the world


Perfect present for your love 


these uniqe pieces repesent korean beauty!