Inspired by the “Foot Bridge” that served as a meeting point between the North and South Korean leaders on Friday, April the 27th, 2018, Harriot wanted to create a product to celebrate the moment, and hope for peace and prosperity moving forward for both Koreas. As a high-end, limited edition product, each timepiece from Harriot’s new collection will come with a luxurious wooden box, new hour plate design, sapphire glass, crocodile pattern genuine leather strap, and butterfly-type buckle unlike any of its previous models. Harriot changed the color of the hour index at 4 o’clock, the 27 in the date window, and F (Friday) in the day window to a blue color. Given that only a limited number of products will be made available for retail, each product will bear a serial number on the back cover of the watch and inside the warranty certificate.



Friday, April 27th, 2018. Harriot began exploring options to commemorate that date in its new watch collection. It decided to change the color of the hour index at 4 o’clock, 27 in the date window, and F (stands for Friday) in the day window to the blue color of the Foot Bridge.

The final decision was made with all of these changes applied to the collection. We changed the hour plate as well, adding a new pattern and making it more three dimensional to differentiate it with our Seongsan Collection. In the 6 o’clock direction, we added a “Korean Made” phrase to show our pride as a Korean watch.

The best gentlemen's watch

The DOBO Collection watches don't just have a special meaning, they also have great value as stylish men's watches. The three-dimensional dial and blue hour markers, along with the alligator strap and butterfly buckle, make this classic watch even more special. It's a special piece that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Luxury Package for Gift

The DOBO Collection watches are packaged differently, and we thought about how to make them a special timepiece and keepsake that will stay with you for a lifetime. 


We haven't sold any DOBOs in the past few years since they were all sold out. To be more precise, it wasn't that the watches were all sold out, it was that we didn't have any more packages. We made 500 watches in a limited edition of 500, but due to a miscommunication with the package manufacturer, less than 500 packages were produced. However, we've been getting a lot of requests for DOBOs, so we've opened up the sale again. There are only a few left, but I think it's a unique opportunity for those who really want one. The DOBO watch is the same as before. The limited edition number and the buyer's name (or whatever you want to say) will be engraved on the back of the watch. 

However, the package will be shipped in a regular Harriot watch package

When I told one customer who wanted a DOBO so badly that I couldn't sell it to him because it didn't come in a package, he said, "All I want is this watch on my wrist, not a package that will sit in my closet. 

Thank you. 

With all of that said, I'd like to offer a small incentive for those of you who want to buy a DOBO. We're offering $90 off any remaining DOBO watches, and we'll send you a stainless steel mesh band to go with it. 

We truly appreciate your love for our watches.

For Lady Dobo 

The DOBO lady was created specifically at the request of government officials to be used as a couples watch with the DOBO, and was designed with the President and First Lady in mind for situations where they might wear it together.