We asked ourselves, why do we spend such an incredible amount of money to buy a luxury wrist watch? Avoid the traditional watch industry distribution, big money isn’t necessary needed! Harriot is proud to presents classic well-made an affordable watch for our friends and families. All Harriot make and deliver directly to you. We offer you promising quality fashion watch for an affordable price





Harriot's Story
- We have been studying the watch market for a long time and we have found some amazing facts

 Among the bubbles that have traditionally been used in the traditional watch market, department store-oriented distribution, tremendous mid-margins, and inflated pricing compared to materials and parts. We decided to start small but big changes.






 Our Goals
- Harriot was born with the belief that good things do not have to be expensive.

We still can not escape the stereotype of good = expensive. The first attempt is that good things can not be expensive. There is Harriet in the first step of the attempt.






 We Promise
Harriot watches always honestly introduce products.

To propose a reasonable price to eliminate the bubble of the price.
Not only sales aim to provide perfect after-sales service.












Made in KOREA 
Create all your own products.

The hand-made Harriot watches, which are made by experts with the know-how to make the watch for a long time, are once again beginning to change the paradigm of the fashion watch market